Modern and advanced equipment, mechanical, chemical and non-destructive testing laboratories

Raw materials

Forja Neptun has the capability to process forged carbon steels, alloyed steels and high-alloy steels, as well as non-ferrous materials. At the same time, there is the possibility to perform rough machining on forged blanks. Moreover, raw material steel products can be provided from our stock (rolled or forged bars and billets).

Cutting off

Our cutting-off division includes lines of horizontal band-saw cutting machines with the possibility of cutting steel with round or square sections up to 1100 mm. Mechanical guillotines, for cutting-off steel with max. 80 mm cross-section, are also available.

Heat treatment

Forja Neptun can perform the following types of heat treatment:

  • primary heat treatment
  • secondary heat treatment

Equipment used for Heat Treatment

Vertical cylindrical furnaces for quenching:

  • dimensions: Ø0.9m x 1.2m Ht
  • maximum temperature: 1150°C

Vertical cylindrical furnaces for tempering:

  • dimensions: Ø1m x 1.5m
  • maximum temperature: 750°C

Furnaces for water quenching:

  • dimensions: Ø1.3m x 2.5m

Furnaces for polymer quenching:

  • dimensions: Ø1.3m x 2.5m

Forging capacity

To meet the requirements and expectations of our customers in the manufacture of close-die forgings we rely on five lines of maxi-presses. (750 to 4,000 tons) equipped with inductors and automatic temperature control. Maxi-presses are the most suitable equipment for producing large and medium series close-die forgings. Due to their construction, the technological and processing allowances are minimal. The maxi-presses ensure the production of a wide range of close-die forgings with high productivity, resulting in a reduced price of the forged parts to the satisfaction of our customers.


  • self-compressing hammers
  • maxi-press lines
  • mechanical presses
  • free forging hammers
  • hydraulic presses
  • LI 600 ring mill
  • automatic line for the manufacture of forged balls