Experience of over 22 years in providing forged, machined parts and components for the industrial sector


S.C. FORJA NEPTUN S.R.L. was established in 2002 as a private company with 100% Romanian capital and is specialised in producing quality forgings.

One of our priorities is to promptly meet customers’ requirements, as expected.

Rapidly developing offers and delivering products on or before set deadlines are Permanent Goals for Forja Neptun.

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Team and resources

Supported by an experienced team, Forja Neptun has the ability to quickly develop the production of rough machined parts, from the original concept through simulation, using a wide range of materials. We can produce forged parts according to the customer’s drawing, analyzing and recommending the most efficient solutions. Special computer aided design software are used to develop the forging dies.The company has modern and advanced equipment as well as mechanical, chemical and non-destructive testing laboratories, to check and guarantee the quality of the raw materials and parts.
FORJA NEPTUN has the ability to produce forged parts, made from carbon steel, alloy steel and high-alloy steel as well as from non-ferrous materials.

With its various open-die, close-die or free-forging equipment, Forja Neptun can produce parts of different shapes and sizes, weighing up to 5000 kgs. Semifinished products can be delivered as forged, machined, heat treated, with all requested quality documents. In order to meet customers’ requirements and demands in the field of manufacturing of close-die forgings, we operate five modern maxi-press lines (750 ÷ 4,000 tonsf), equipped with induction heating and automatic temperature. The free forging is provided by hydraulic presses and free forging hammers. All these are new, purchased in 2011 after the construction of a new production site and a new administrative building, having a total area of 60,000 m². A rolling mill is also available for the production of rolled rings with a diameter of 220 ÷ 600 mm and a height of 50 to 110 mm.

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The concern for obtaining certifications and accreditations from competent bodies has resulted in a full range of certificates that attest to the company’s ability to meet the required conditions.